Our Commitment

Eco Friendly Home Builders

Healthy homes support thriving lives.

Turns out healthy businesses do too.

So we designed a new approach to home-building that embodies our commitment to our community, our work, and our planet.

We call it full-circle sustainability.

Whether we’re building our expert team or our high performing homes, we base every decision on improving business as usual — for today, and tomorrow. Because today’s status quo is unsustainable.

We’re not perfect. But we’re committed to using business for good, constantly refining our methods, and upping our personal bar. At the end of the day, we can confidently say we’re living our values.

Full-circle sustainability often means mapping our own course, but for us it’s an exciting process that keeps us in a learning frame of mind.

Our Homes

We’re dedicated to what some call an “old-fashioned” notion — quality artisanship. Our work will stand proud for generations to come. And instead of following fads, our homes are timelessly beautiful. Even the parts you’ll never see. At the same time, we’re committed to cutting-edge building science. This unique integration means a Sugar Hollow home also gives you lower long-term costs, five-star air quality, and effortless climate control.

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Our Environment

Today’s construction industry is often really wasteful. Our view: we’re stewards of this land. We cherish these Blue Ridge mountains, and we also know that how we live here matters for the future of the rest of the world. How we live matters. So from our methods to our materials, we always consider the land we stand on, present and future. We’re experts at resource-efficiency, from the materials we source to our building methods. Through every project, we make every effort to reduce or avoid waste and pollution.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Our Work

First-rate listeners. Principled. Devoted to our craft. We believe it’s spiritually important to feel good about the work we do every day and to be able to walk away from a finished job with our heads held high. We’re committed to servant leadership, paying a living wage, and providing meaningful work opportunities in our community. We do more than a day’s work… we’re building the future.

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